Hygiene Disposable Wear


Hygiene Disposable Wear is the sole importer of Multi Cloth. Multi cloth is a Disposable water and oil resistant cloth, which has multi-purpose uses.

We supply clients in the following industries: Beauty; Medical; Painting and Contracting; Hospitality and Automotive.

Multi Cloth is used to protect toweling, linen, bedding or any surface from being soiled and stained due to medical treatments and beauty treatments, hygiene reasons or incontinence.

Because of its unique properties, not only is it water and oil repellent it is extremely strong slight elasticity makes it easy to work with.


Product Hilights


Our product is completely water and oil resistant, the cloth can be cut down to any size, and it can cover the complete width of any size of bed in the medical, health or hospitality sector.  


Our product has multiple uses and many applications! It is very economical and it’s use contributes to substantial monthly cost savings.


We will gladly look at customers special needs to have products made up. We have an outsourced manufacturing company and can help with a specific product needs.