Multi Rolls

Multi Cloth is available in a Multi Roll that is 80cm wide and 100 meters in length.

  • Multi roll is wide enough to cover all beds and can be easily rolled down to cut sizes required.
  • Customers have the freedom to cut any required sizes for any application that is needed.
  • Multi cloth will save you money on the following, Laundry, chemicals, electricity, and water consumption, soiled and stained towels or linen, that are eventually thrown away.
  • Multi Cloth is on the forefront of being hygienic and economical thus works much better than your conventional paper towels.
  • The rolls are standard size 80cm width and 100m length and can easily be handled to roll and cut exact sizes and lengths to cover any items or surfaces big or small.
  • Multi Roll has a slight elasticity to it that makes it easy to work with but also strong and durable.

Multi Rolls

What makes Multi roll Unique?

Hygiene Disposable Wear are the sole importers and distributors of the cloth. The Disposable cloth is used in many other industries because of its unique properties. It is hygienic and safe to use.


  • Completely water and oil resistant
  • Covers complete width of beds
  • Cloth can be cut down to any sizes
  • Multiple uses , many applications


  • Economical
  • Monthly Cost savings
Multi Rolls